Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I've been neglecting this blog lately and I wish I could say I'll snap out of it soon but I probably won't. The business is having a slow start (which I predicted) and I have to focus my energy where it is needed. This doesn't mean I have given up, the business will still be operational and I still hope to change the way people feed their babies (and themselves). I'll continue to offer my services to anyone who is interested in either baby and toddler meals or heat and eat meals for individuals and families. I am also available for cooking classes, either in my home at $20 per person (includes the food you'll be taking home) or yours for $25 (minimum of four people) in either case you will be able to pick the theme or particular dish you'd like to learn.
The blog however, will be on a hiatus for now.
If you'd like updates on Aurora and I and our food adventures you can find us here:
First Comes Baby...
Thanks so much for your support!! Hope to be back soon!

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