Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Aurora's been eating! 5-6mos.

 So I thought it'd be a fun idea to do some photo posts of what Aurora has been eating lately.
We've started to do some new flavors including her first combo (banana & roasted parsnip), finally found a cereal that we can agree on:
<--- Happy Baby Happy Bellies organic oatmeal... love it, it even tastes good!
We also tried our first self feeding with Baby Mum Mum organic rice rusk cookies! I also think this will be an easy way to cheat and keep track of what we have and haven't tried yet... I was going to just keep a little journal but this is much more fun! Enjoy!

Fresh organic green beans with a little oatmeal for texture
Super smooth pureed bananas topped with roasted parsnips
Oatmeal with mango puree
Peaches! Also, have I mentioned that I <3 the Vital Baby food pots?

These were so hard to find in less than a case! Had to go to

Totally worth it despite the mess. She liked feeding herself and LOVED them!


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  1. I love the name Aurora. If we ever have a girl, that's the name we've always thought about. what beautiful baby! thank you for commenting on the busy bee famileee and coming on over!