Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yet another store bought baby food beef! (the problem, not the meat)

So I started mixing a little cereal with some of Aura's purees because she's down a bottle during the day since starting solids and I wanted to be sure that she was still getting enough iron.
Problem is, it made her a little constipated. Tried giving her an organic avocado and it helped a little but I thought I should try prunes to help things along... here's a couple pictures of Aurora and the avocado just because they're cute:
Yummy! (mama had to help with the other half!)

Somewhere along the line Aurora as decided fingers are food too...

All gone!

Washing it all down! (the front of her bib) a.k.a practicing with the sippy!

I recently discovered most dried fruit has SULFUR in it so pureeing my own was going to be tough and I was looking for a quicker fix, couldn't find my second choice which would've been Plum organics or another pouch so I broke down and got the Gerber organic which comes in little plastic tubs. The color wasn't grey like in the jars and it had DHA so I figured I'd give it a shot... even though the ingredients were a little bit of a turn off:
Gelatin... really? And is the tuna oil organic? There are other sources of DHA!
I'm also more than a little put off that they used the cheap trick of being 'certified organic' by someone other than the USDA. That doesn't hold much weight with me and I'm bummed I didn't notice before I bought it.
Anyway... the end result was not good either. The ONLY positive thing I have to say is that they did taste better than I thought they would and more like actual food than anything in a jar. But so far (10+ hours later) no evidence that they helped anything.
The worst part? Well, Aurora has always been a heavy spitter up-er if you will, but it's always milky like her formula... today however since the bottle she got after her prunes her spit up was all thick and curdled! It got progressively worse for quite awhile and she ended the night cranky which rarely happens. Now, to be fair we did have a playdate so she might've just been exhausted, but explain the spit up! It gradually got a little better after a few bottles but that first few hours was GROSS.
Soooo.... never again, to say the least.
I'm now on a hunt for un-sulphured prunes...
Home made from here on out!


  1. I find that diluted prune juice works better and try switching to oatmeal or barley earths best baby cereal. It still has iron, is organic and best of all does not bind up baby. Jameson has the same problem so I make sure I give him lots of fiber full fruits and vegis! Good luck!!!

  2. We do the Happy Baby organic oatmeal. She's fine now, I just think it was the initial switch that did it. In an ideal world I'd like to hold off on any juices until At least 18mos. But we'll see how it goes I guess. Thanks for the advice though!!