Friday, April 8, 2011

THIS is "pea green"

So the time had come for Aurora to move on from the beige foods. We'd done rice cereal. (twice, and probably never again unless I decide to make it, that stuff is AWFUL.) We'd done mashed banana and freshly baked and pureed apples...
I decided I wanted to expose her to carrots but since she is so young, the nitrates in fresh carrots are a concern so I went to the store and found the purest version of 'baby food carrots' that I could, Earth's Best 1st carrots (ingredients: organic carrots and water) Pretty good I thought... then I tasted them.
I will always taste everything I feed Aurora. Maybe it's the chef in me but I can't expect someone to eat something that I haven't... I've even tasted her formula (also gross, but there isn't much to be done about that..) Before anyone mentions it, I wish I could've breastfed but we had SO many complications that it wasn't possible to keep at it for more than a month and a half.
Trust me, we tried.

Anyway where was I?
Even with just carrots and water, the heating and jarring destroys all the taste. They bear almost no resemblance a real carrot. Like I said, I wanted her to be exposed to them but because of her age it's not considered safe to make them at home. I gave her a few spoonfuls and she ate it but we will probably abandon the carrot idea until she is old enough for fresh ones... they were that bad.
So, on to the green veggies. While buying the carrots I took a look at what I had decided would be her next food and one of my favorites... peas. Do yourself a favor, look at some baby food peas... I mean really look at them. They are grey. Peas are green. Something is very wrong here. In fact "pea green" is pretty grey too. Well, what you see above is what organic green peas look like when they are gently steamed and pureed. They are GREEN. Peas are green. Period.
After the beige and sweet foods I was a little worried that the green veggies may not go over so well and sure enough I was greeted with this face:

BUT... after just three spoonfuls it turned into this face:

She LOVED them!!
If that's not a sign of encouragement to keep introducing new fresh flavors, I don't know what is! Avocados are next!!

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