Saturday, April 2, 2011

Toddler meals are FUN!!

So I have a new client with a 15 month old son. Let me just say that when I decided to get into this whole baby food business what excited me the most (aside from all the obvious health benefits) was getting to make FUN food! I've been drooling over all these fun ideas and adorable healthy toddler recipes just counting down the days (there's a lot of them) until MY little one can dive in! So when offered the chance to cook for this little guy I jumped at it... here are some highlights from the tasting menu I made for them last week:

Mini meatballs made with oat bran ready for the oven! (I served these with some veggie pasta and "hidden veggie" sauce.)

Moon and Star whole wheat pita crisps! (served with organic cottage cheese and zucchini and summer squash sticks)

Rainbow orzo and grilled chicken breast! (I loved this SO much that I made extra for myself.)

This family signed on for a 7 day supper plan for their little man (plus a few lunches and even a dinner a week for mama and papa!) so there will be plenty more fun food photos to come! Now to plan next weeks menu!

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